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Craig is a Board Director of Henry Boot Construction, a subsidiary of Henry Boot PLC. He is part of the leadership team charged with evolving the Henry Boot business to build on an outstanding 137 years of trading history.

Sustainability in a competitive and challenging marketplace is key and Craig supports this with a strategic plan to ensure the business maintains its modern and progressive approach. Craig has supported the business to realise new potential through work-winning which has allowed it to unlock new services and capability, promoting diversification and growth, and becoming a more attractive place to work.

Craig is active across a diverse range of industry forums, providing Thought Leadership through HBC’s presence in central and local Government construction frameworks. He is active in framework governance, best practice sharing and raising the industry’s profile.

Craig is a family man and enjoys being outdoors in the Peak District hammering down a hill on his Mountain Bike.

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Our mentoring programme connects the senior leaders of South Yorkshire’s charities and community groups with experienced leaders from other sectors, giving them the opportunity to secure strategic level mentoring and support. Our proactive programme is based on short term mentoring relationships which mainly focus on strategic issues. The programme is free of charge.