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Mentoring is about people connecting with each other to share knowledge and experience. A great mentoring relationship can be of benefit to both mentor and mentee. It can be both personally and professionally rewarding.


What are the benefits of taking part in a mentoring programme?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) state that “An effective mentoring relationship is a learning opportunity for both participants”.

In 2019, The Voluntary Sector Review published an article regarding the Carmichael Mentor Programme in Ireland. It stated that the mentoring programme “enabled individual chief executives and managers to develop skills and insights, competence and confidence, benefiting not only the mentees themselves but also their boards and ultimately the charitable purpose of their organisations through supporting the development of leadership skills and a greater focus on strategic issues’.

What are the potential benefits of having a mentor?

Research and case studies suggest that the benefits from having a mentor often include:

– Having time to invest in strategic thinking away from the routine challenges of the day job
– Access to personalised, confidential support from an experienced leader and role model
– The opportunity to explore new solutions to problems
– The chance to be inspired to take new approaches in a safe environment
– Learning new insights
– Increased confidence in role
– Improved performance for the organisation
– The development of an expanded network, with new connections and the potential to reach new people

What are the potential benefits of becoming a mentor?

Research and case studies suggest that benefits to being a mentor may include:

– Participating in a rewarding experience
– Using skills and experience to both support and inspire others.
– Feeling fulfilled from spending time investing in others.
– Mentors can expect stimulation in terms of their own learning and development.
– Mentoring with South Yorkshire Charity Mentors gives an opportunity to support the community and to be a role model for others.
– Mentoring a leader in a charity will also bring the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing our communities.
– Being a mentor can be an opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills outside of the normal structure of day-to-day activities.
– Working with a mentee can give the opportunity for the mentor to face new challenges, with a different context, and so brings with it new insights and the time to practice and enhance skills.
– Mentoring takes place outside of the work place and outside of usual networks, as a result it takes an opportunity to take time out and to reflect.

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Our mentoring programme connects the senior leaders of South Yorkshire’s charities and community groups with experienced leaders from other sectors, giving them the opportunity to secure strategic level mentoring and support. Our proactive programme is based on short term mentoring relationships which mainly focus on strategic issues. The programme is free of charge.